Seattle On

On green-ism:

When I was in college, I tried to raise green awareness by carrying my own trash around for a week. It made me feel righteous, but it didn’t make me too popular—and it was a terrible way to get a date. Years later, I moved to Seattle and started Grist, a media platform intended to lighten up the environmental movement. Then I started a family (with a woman who never saw me in my trash-hauling days, luckily for me). I couldn’t have chosen a better home base for the company and my family—if the mountains and the Sound and the clear air aren’t enough to sway you, the ethic of this city is beyond compare. I take the ferry to work every day, and when the skyline comes into view I just thank my stars that I’m based in a place that lives and breathes green. It gives me just enough hope to get through the day.

The official Grist haiku goes like this:

A frog in water
Doesn’t feel it boil.
Dude, we are that frog.

Chip Giller

the ethic of this city is beyond compare