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On food:

As someone who was born in Seattle, who has grown up in Seattle, and who has spent most of his adult life here, I never imagined that this city on the sound would ever rediscover great food and small farming. Forty years ago, when industry paved over the lush, deep topsoil of the Kent Valley for big box stores and factories, that fertile valley could never again produce crops that fed this fine city for generations.

It is only recently that small farms have begun to take hold in the surrounding areas, attempting to replace our original farms. Local restaurants now source their ingredients from these vibrant plots of earth. The neighbor- hoods of Seattle now have the sounds of chickens to wake up the inhabitants to the pleasures of growing their own food. I can now imagine my hometown leading the nation in small farms, artisanal food producers, and ingredient-obsessed cooking.

Kurt Timmermeister

pleasures of growing their own food