Wexley School for Girls


Art, Culture, Film/Photo, Media

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Headmasters Ian Cohen and Cal McAllister are creative superstars who came together as co-founders and co-owners of the creative agency Wexley School for Girls. More like a black-ops marketing group than a traditional advertising agency, Wexley is revered for creating unique and out-of-the-box work in web, print, broadcast, video, guerilla, and social media. They have a track record with major brands like Nike, Coke, and Microsoft, yet still engage smaller brands—like our own Seattle Sounders—with award-winning work as well. Seattle: the public park system, walking the city, Puget Sound ferries, Hey Marseilles, Presidents of the USA, The Nightlight Lounge, Shorty’s hot dogs.

Wexley School for Girls

Ian Cohen and Cal McAllister